What is ‘Tabled’?

Tabled is a free weekly food newsletter designed to bring you food adventures from other countries and feed you facts that may surprise - or appal - you about what you’re putting in your mouth. Did you know, for instance,

  • butter production goes back 4500 years?

  • strawberries are both male and female?

And do you really know

  • what the food industrial complex does to make you want or need to eat their processed products?

I do.

I’ve been a Food Writer in the UK for The Observer and The Sunday Times weekend magazines, for the Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine, and other outlets. In the US, I’ve written for The Washington Post, Gourmet, The National Interest, and broadcast on NPR.

For almost a decade I was the Food Writer for United Press International, ran my own food web site, eatWashington.com, and recently won Gourmand International’s award - twice - for World’s Best French Cookbook, for The Bruno Cookbook and The Bruno Garden Cookbook. The Bruno Cookbook is due for publication by Knopf in the US and by Quercus in the UK in November, 2023.

What I’ve learned is:

  • People can take food too seriously - and not seriously enough.

  • Big business, politics and investment influence what we eat, often
    for their not our benefit, and in ways that are deliberately covert.

But Tabled isn’t a leaden loaf of a read.

Tabled aims to bring you the back-story, historical or hysterical, to our food, and to make you aware of what the food business prefers you not to know, with eating anecdotes from one of the 30-plus countries I’ve backpacked around.

Every week, you’ll get a related, do-able, recipe.

Subscribe to Tabled - it’s free (although there is a Subscribe with payment button if you feel it’s worth it). I hope you’ll be pleased enough to see every new Wednesday edition in your inbox that you’ll tell others about it. Let me know what you like about it - and what you don’t!

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I've filed on food for news outlets globally, run my own food website, and twice won Gourmand International’s World's Best French Cookbook award.